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The Quarantine Kitchen Cookbook: Staying Healthy While Staying Home

Dr Turshá - Author
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12 Holistic Health Professionals strive to keep their families healthy in the midst of a global pandemic. In this book, they share some of their simple and delicious recipes, as well as some of their tips, tricks, and strategies to keep their families safe and healthy during this time of upheaval and uncertainty.

These recipes are easy to prepare and they are also recipes that your whole family can enjoy. As an added bonus, these recipes, along with the other health-related tips, can help you maintain your health and sanity while we are all in the midst pandemic and beyond!

Life is certainly different during “The Rona”, but that doesn’t mean that everything changed for the worst. Being in “Quarantine” has forced many of us to reassess our lives, our priorities, and what we deem important. It has forced many of us to create new habits and find things to do that don’t require being around a lot of people. It has even made it necessary that we start eating more meals at home.

Let’s take this time during lock-down, and through the various stages of re-opening, to continue to learn new ways to make health, wellness, and delicious foods a part of our family’s holistic health plan for now and many years to come.


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The Quarantine Kitchen Cookbook: Staying Healthy While Staying Home

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